chop_stack_recurse: Recursively Descend into Rprof Ouput to Create Data for...

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Key next step is to prove that the output datatable can meaningfully be interpreted by row order. In other words, if level n shows up once, and then at some later point you get level n again, then you are guaran- teed that it is a from a different call stack. Similarly, for all levels n, all subsequent rows with levels > n are children to that row.





a data table


a one length character vector denoting what the grouping variable value is


how many items in each group


how many levels we have recursed


Prelim, it seems this is true since every time data.table groups it effectively orders? Actually, not so, consider the sequence:

a b c a e a b d

These would erroneously get collapsed into the same stack at b. Is that bad? This is fine, but needs to be documented to avoid confusion

Also, other items: - remember to check whether a function is called from different call stacks to aggregate how much time is taken up by that function


data table

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