Man pages for brodieG/unitizer
Interactive R Unit Tests

all_eqLike all.equal but Returns Empty String If Not all.equal
all.equal.conditionCompare Conditions
as.character.bulletProduce Character Vector Representation of Bullet Lists
as.character-unitizerChanges-methodPrint Out A Summary Of the Changes
as.expression-unitizerList-methodCoerce to expression by returning items coerced to...
cap_firstCaptalizes or Decapitalizes First Letter
capture_outputCapture Both StdOut and StdErr
conditionListContains A List of Conditions
demoDemo Details and Helper Functions
descOne Line Description of Object
editCallsEdit Calls In Unitizer
extract-unitizerItem-methodRetrieve Test Contents From Test Item
extract-unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiffs-methodSubsetting Methods for unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiffs objects
filename_to_storeidCreate a Store ID from a Test File Name
flattenUntzReduce S4 objects Into Lists
getFunUtility Function
global_structuresStructures For Tracking Global Options
healEnvsFix Environment Ancestries
infer_unitizer_locationInfers Possible Unitizer Path From Context
invalidateLsClears ls Info and Marks as Invalid
length-unitizerChanges-methodReturn Sum of Total Changes
length-unitizerSection-methodCompute Length of a 'unitizerSection-class'
mock_itemGenerates a Dummy Item For Use in Examples
nextItem-unitizerList-methodIterate through items of a 'unitizerList' ObjectJK
options_extraSet Options to Initial Zero State
print.bulletPrint Methods for 'UL' and 'OL' objects
repair_environmentsRepair Environment Chains
run_lsWorker function to actually execute the 'ls' work
set_unitizerSet and Retrieve Store Contents
show.conditionListPrints A list of Conditions
show-unitizerChanges-methodPrint Out A Summary Of the Changes
show-unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiff-methodShow Method for unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiff objects
show-unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiffs-methodShow Method for unitizerItemTestsErrorsDiffs objects
sizeRDSMeasure object size as an RDS
sizeUntzUtility To Examine Object Size
testFunsStore Functions for New vs. Reference Test Comparisons
testthat_transcribe_fileTranscribes a 'testtaht' File Into 'unitizer' Format
testthat_translate_fileConvert a 'testthat' Test File to a 'unitizer'
text_wrapText Wrapping Utilities
unitizeUnitize an R Test Script
unitizerChanges-classSummary of Changes
unitizerListS4 Object To Implement Base List Methods
unitizer_lsAn 'ls' Like Function
unitizer.optsUnitizer Options
unitizer_promptInteractively Retrieve User Input
unitizer_resultReturn Values and Related Methods for 'unitize' Functions
unitizer_s4method_docDocumentation Block for Internal S4 Methods
unitizer_sectDefine a 'unitizer' Section
unitizerSection-classContains Representation For a Section of Tests
unitizerStateTests and Session State
unitizerTests-classCollections of Calls For Testing
validate_pre_postHelper function for validations
valid_namesMake Valid Names
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