Man pages for brudis-r7/mtblr
Tools to work with 'mtbl' files

close_mtblClose an mtbl file
mtbl_export_valuesExport mtbl _values_ to a file
mtbl_getRetrieve a key/value pair from an mtbl by key
mtbl_get_prefixRetrieve value(s) for a given key in an mtbl
mtbl_iter_closeClose an iterator when finished
mtbl_keysReturn all the keys of an mtbl
mtbl_lengthRetrieve the number of records in an open mtbl file
mtbl_mapStart an iterator over an mtbl file
mtbl_nextIterate over mtbl file entries
mtblrTools to work with mtbl files
mtbl_valuesReturn all the values of an mtbl
read_mtblOpen an mtbl file
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