Man pages for btupper/spnc
A simplified interface between spatial classes and NetCDF data sources

ascendsDetermine if cell locations are stored in ascending or...
bbox_to_polygonConvert a bbox to sp::polygon, sp::Polygons, or...
BlendedSeaWindsBlendedSeaWindsRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
BlendedSeaWindsRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for Blended Sea Winds
BlendedSeaWindsRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
BSW_get_rasterGet a raster for BlendedSeaWindsRefClass
coerce_withinCoerce values of x two be within the range of the bounds b.
CPCUGBDP_get_pointsGet points for CPCUGBDPRefClass
CPCUGBDP_get_rasterGet a raster
CPCUGBDPRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for CPC .25x.25 Daily US Unified...
CPCUGBDPRefClass_get_pointsGet points
CPCUGBDPRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
CPCUGBDPRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
CPCUGBDPRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
CPCUGBDPRefClass_subset_pointsCompute indicies (start and count) for individual [lon,lat]...
find_intervalA wrapper around base::findInterval() that allows decreasing...
get_locGet a vector of lon or lat cell locations
get_matrixExtract a matrix of data from a SPNCRefClass of raster flavor
get_projectionRetrieve projection CRS by name
get_resGet a 2 element vector of [dx, dy] resolution
get_shapeGet a 2 element vector of [nx, ny] dimensions
is_BSWTest if an NCDF contains Blended Sea Winds data.
is_CPCUGBDPTest if an NCDF contains CPCUGBDP data.
is_L3SMITest if an NCDF contains L3SMI data.
is_MURSSTTest if an NCDF contains MURSST data.
is_NAMANLTest if an NCDF contains NAM-ANL data.
is_NARRTest if an NCDF contains NARR data.
is_NCEPTest if an NCDF contains NCEP/NMC data.
is_OISSTTest if an NCDF contains OISST data.
L3SMI_get_pointsGet points for L3SMIRefClass
L3SMI_get_rasterGet a raster for L3SMIRefClass
L3SMIRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for OBPG L3 Standard Mapped Image
L3SMIRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
L3SMIRefClass_get_pointsGet points
L3SMIRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
L3SMIRefClass_latGet the latitude locations
L3SMIRefClass_lonGet the longitude locations
L3SMIRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as reported in the global...
L3SMIRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
mgreplPerform grepl on multiple patterns; it's like OR-ing...
MURSSTClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
MURSST_get_pointsGet points for MURSSTRefClass
MURSST_get_rasterGet a raster
MURSSTRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for Multi-scale Ultra-high...
MURSSTRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
MURSSTRefClass_get_pointsGet points
MURSSTRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
MURSSTRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
MURSSTRefClass_subset_pointsCompute indicies (start and count) for individual [lon,lat]...
NAMANL_get_rasterGet a raster for NAMANLRefClass
NAMANLRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for NAM-ANL
NAMANLRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
NAMANLRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
NAMANLRefClass_latGet the latitude locations
NAMANLRefClass_lonGet the longitude locations
NAMANLRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
NARR_get_pointsGet data values by specifying long/lat locations
NARRREfClass_bbox_projectConvert bb to longlat
NARRRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for...
NARRRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
NARRRefClass_get_pointsRetrieve points of data
NARRRefClass_get_rasterRetrieve a raster, possibly a cropped
NARRRefClass_latGet the latitude values of the grid
NARRRefClass_lonGet the longitude values of the grid. Note the grid is...
NARRRefClass_stepGet the nominal step size (resolution) in km
nav_from_bbGenerate the navigation elements required to subset an ncdf4...
nc_cropCrop a ncdf4 object
ncdim_getRetrieve a vector of dimensions
NCEPRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for NCEP/NCM
NCEPRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
NCEPRefClass_latGet the latitude locations
NCEPRefClass_lonGet the longitude locations
NCEPRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
ncglobal_attsRetrieve a named list of global attributes
nc_stepCompute the mean step. If the step size is provided in the...
nc_subsetCompute subset coordinates given a bounding box - suitable...
nc_templateCreate a raster template from the contents of a ncdf4 object
nctime_getRetrieve a vector of timestamps for a multilayer NC object or...
ncvardim_getRetrieve a list of dimension vectors, one for each variable
ncvarname_getRetrieve a vector of variable names
OISST_get_rasterGet a raster for OISSTRefClass
OISSTRefClass-classA subclass of SPNCRefClass for NOAA Optimum Interpolation...
OISSTRefClass_get_rasterGet a raster
OISSTRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
OISSTRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
SNAMANLRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
SPNCA function to create an SPNCRefClass or subclass reference
spnc_flavorDetermine the type and source of the netcdf data
spnc-packageA simplified interface between spatial classes and NetCDF...
SPNCRefClass-classAn object that connects to NetCDF (file or OpeNDAP) using...
SPNCRefClass_closeClose the ncdf4 object if it is not closed already
SPNCRefClass_get_dimsRetrieve a named vector of dimensions
SPNCRefClass_get_extentCompute extent given a bounding box
SPNCRefClass_get_global_attsGet global attributes
SPNCRefClass_get_pathGet path (line) data
SPNCRefClass_get_pointsGet point data
SPNCRefClass_get_rasterGet one or more variables of one or more layers (time) By...
SPNCRefClass_get_varnamesRetrieve the variable names
SPNCRefClass_is_localTest if this is a local file
SPNCRefClass_is_openTest if the ncdf4 path is open
SPNCRefClass_latGet the latitude locations
SPNCRefClass_lonGet the longitude locations
SPNCRefClass_openOpen the ncdf4 object
SPNCRefClass_order_subsetOrder a subset coordinate system into the order matching that...
SPNCRefClass_showShow the contents in a tidy fashion
SPNCRefClass_stepGet the step size (resolution) as a guess - the space between...
SPNCRefClass_subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
SPNCRefClass_subset_coordsRetrieve the subset coordinates
SPNCRefClass_subset_pointsCompute indicies (start and count) for individual [lon,lat]...
SPNCRefClass_time_indexCompute time indices (which must be contiguous) from POSIXt,...
subset_bboxCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
subset_navCraft subset indices into a ncdf array
subset_pointsConverts Lon/Lat to start and count suitable for extracting...
to180Convert [0,360] longitudes to [-180, 180]
to180BBConvert bounding box [0,360] longitudes to [-180, 180]
to360Convert [-180,180] longitudes to [0,360]
to360BBConvert [-180,180] bounding box longitudes to [0,360]
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