Man pages for burchill/zplyr
Zach Burchill's Personal Functions

collect_allCollect warnings/errors/messages from an expression without...
contr.slideSliding contrast / backward difference coding
dots_and_barsMake dotplots with errorbars with a single function
errorbarsMake ggplot errorbars and mean with a single function
hide_geomsHide geoms on plot while keeping legends and scaling intact
left_joinWarns for "unexpected" behavior of 'left_join'
merge_factorCombine/rename/reorder levels in a factor
merge_levelsCombine specified levels of a factor
share_discrete_scalesShare arguments amongst multiple ggplot functions
zplyrzplyr: Zachary Burchill's personal package
zummariseSummarises and then ungroups a tbl
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