Man pages for buriom/denoiSeq
Differential Expression Analysis Using a Bottom-Up Model

denoiseqDifferential expression analysis using a bottom-up model
ERCCERCC dataset
getSamplesOfGet posterior samples of a parameter
readsDataAn S4 class to represent summarised counts and the output of...
resultsCompute the test statistic
setInitValuesGeneric for altering the initValues slot
setOutput-readsData-methodMutator method for the output slot of the readsData object.
setReplicatesGeneric for the altering setReplicates slot.
setReplicates-readsData-methodMutator method for the replicates slot of the readsData...
setStepSizesGeneric for altering the stepSizes slot.
setStepSizes-readsData-methodMutator method for the stepSizes slot of the readsData...
simdatsimulated data
tunedStepSizeGet values of the tuned step sizes.
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