Man pages for caffeine-overload/rocl
Low Level OpenCL binding for R OpenCL program
cl.create.bufferAllocate OpenCL buffer
cl.create.contextCreate OpenCL context
cl.create.kernelGet OpenCL kernel
cl.create.programCreate OpenCL program
cl.create.queueCreate an OpenCL command queue
cl.device.getattrGet OpenCL device info
cl.devices.countDevice Count
cl.enqueue.kernelExecute OpenCL kernel
cl.enqueue.kernel.unsafeExecute an OpenCL kernel with less overhead data from a buffer
cl.enqueue.write.bufferWrite data to a buffer
cl.get.devicesGet OpenCL devices
cl.get.platformsReturn all platforms
cl.kernel.getattrGet OpenCL kernel info
cl.load.binaryLoad OpenCL binary
cl.platform.getattrGet OpenCL platform info
cl.platforms.countReturn the number of platforms
cl.release.bufferRelease OpenCL buffer
cl.release.contextRelease OpenCL context
cl.release.kernelRelease OpenCL kernel
cl.release.programRelease OpenCL program
cl.release.queueRelease OpenCL queue
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