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Country Codes, Names, and Other Metadata from the WHO, UN and WB

codes_to_iso3Get ISO3 codes from other country codes.
countriesCountry metadata from the WHO, UN, and WB.
country_code_typesCountry code types available
gbd_high_income_statesGet ISO3 codes for GBD high-income states.
is_gbd_high_incomeCheck GBD high-income classification status from ISO3 codes.
iso3_to_codesGet country codes from ISO3 country codes.
iso3_to_namesGet country names from ISO3 country codes.
iso3_to_regionsGet regions from ISO3 country codes.
is_oecd_memberGet OECD membership status from ISO3 codes.
is_un_ldcCheck least-developed country classification status from ISO3...
is_who_memberGet WHO membership status from ISO3 codes.
is_who_member_largeGet large state membership status from ISO3 codes.
is_who_member_smallGet WHO small state membership status from ISO3 codes.
names_to_codeGet country codes from names.
names_to_iso3Get ISO3 codes from names
oecd_member_statesGet ISO3 codes for OECD member states.
un_ldcsGet ISO3 codes for least-developed countries.
valid_codesCheck if country codes are present in 'countries' data frame.
wb_ig_yearsYears of WB IG classifications available
who_member_statesGet ISO3 codes for WHO member states.
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