Man pages for caranha/EvoGCP
Evolutionary Computation Tools for the Graph Coloring Problem

abc.step1.kuiChange from regular ABC: For every individual, the...
abc.step2.kuiChange from regular ABC: For every individual, the...
graph_mintonGenerates a 3-GCP instance following the algorithm described...
graph_randomGenerates a random, valid 3-GCP instance, without...
helloHello, World!
problemsetProblemset Generator
random_coloringRandom coloring generator
rlevyRandom Levy
similarity.kuiKui's similarity
solver_abcArtificial Bee Colony Solver (Togashi Version)
solver_abc_kuiArtificial Bee Colony Solver (Kui Version)
solver_cuckooCuckoo Search Solver (Toda Version)
solver_hdpsoHamming Distance PSO Solver
solver_randomRandom Solver
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