Man pages for cardiomoon/processR
Implementation of the 'PROCESS' Macro

addArrowsAdd covariates to arrows
addCatVarsAdd dummy vars to data.frame
addCovarEquationAdd covariates to equation
addLabelsadd name to labels
addLatentNodesAdd latent nodes information to nodes
addLineAdd line feed to string
addNodesAdd covariates to nodes
addPlusAdd '+' mark to string
addTripleInteractionAdd triple interaction
adjustNodesAdjust y position of nodes
adjustPosNodesAdjust position of nodes
adjustxposAdjust x position
adjustyposAdjust y position
appendLabelsAppend labels from vars, moderator and covar
bda.mediation.testThe Sobel mediation test
casketsCASKETS dataset
catMediationMake Mediation Equation with one categorical variable
centerPrintPrint a string in center
changeLabelNameChange Label Names
checkEquationVarsCheck dependent variables in equations
checkEqVarsCheck dependent variables in a equation
compareMCCompare effects of mean-centering and standardization of...
compareMCTableMake table comparing effects of mean-centering and...
compareVIFCompare correlation, tolerance, vif of mean-centered and...
compareVIFTableMake table comparing correlation, tolerance, vif of...
conceptDiagramMake conceptDiagram
conceptDiagram2Make concept Diagram
conditionalEffectPlotMake conditional effect plot
condPlotDraw conditional effect plot
condPlot2Draw conditional plot for moderated moderation
condPlotCatMake conditional effect plot with data including a...
condPlotCat2Draw direct and indirect effect plot
convertPvalueconvert vector of p values to string
corPlotDraw correlation plot
corTableMake a table with correlation
corTable2Make a table with correlation
countMCount the group names start with "M"
covar2dfMake data.frame with covariates
deleteSingleNumberremove coefficent number of equation
densityPlotDraw Smoothed Kernel density plot
disasterDisaster dataset
discriminantValidityTablemake discriminant Validity Table
discriminantValidityTable2make discriminant Validity Table in flextable format
divideEquationdivide equation
drawArrowsDraw arrows
drawCatModelDraw statistical diagram including categorical X
drawConceptDraw Concept Diagram
drawCovarDraw covariate
drawModelDraw statistical diagram with an object of class lavaan or a...
drawStatDiagramdraw StatDiagram
drawtextDraw node
educationData Set for education and income
eq2dfConvert equation to data.frame
eq2fitMake a list of objects of class lm
eq2varmake data.frame with equation
equations2varmake data.frame with equation
est2ArrowsMake arrows from estimatesTable
est2NodesMake nodes from estimatesTable
estimatesTableconvert parameterEstimates to data.frame
estimatesTable2convert parameterEstimates to flextable
estressESTRESS: Economic stress dataset
extractIMMextract index of moderated mediation from string
extractLatentVarExtract Latent Variables Data
extractLatentVarNameExtract Latent Variables Names
extractModeratorExtract name of moderator from string
extractNumberextract number from string
extractRangeExtract range from a data.frame
extractXExtract group by string
findNameconvert name with list
findNamesconvert a vector of names with list
fit2alphaMake a Cronbach alpha table
fit2df2Make a data.frame for conceptDiagram
fit2tableMake estimateTable with a list of lm object
fit2vifSummarizing correlation, tolerance and variance inflation...
fun2eqMake equation from function
get2ndIndirectget2ndIndirect effect
getArrowsGet arrows data with no
getAspectRatioGet aspect information of a ggplot
getBootDataGet bootstrapped values
getCatSlopeDfMake data summarizing regression slopes and intercepts
getCoefGet coef summary table
getEq2pget slope and intercept with 2 points
getHelmertGet Helmert Coding of column j of group with length of unique...
getInfoGet information of a model
getMeanSdget mean and sd
getNodesGet nodes data with model no
getRatioTableGet coding table for dummy variables
getRepValuesGet representative values
getYhatGet predicted value from object of class "lm"
getYhat1Get Yhat value from simple mediation
glbwarmGlobal Warming dataset
interactStrmake interaction equation
jnPlotDraw johnson_neyman plot
label2nameChange label into name
labels2tableMake table with labels
makeAnovaDfMake data summarizing ANOVA results
makeCatEquationMake equation for sem and lm for categorical variables
makeCatEquation2Make equation for sem and lm for multiple X or multiple Y
makeCatEquation3Make equation for sem and lm for multiple X or multiple Y
makeCatModelMake simple regression model with one categorical variable
makeCEDfMake data summarizing conditional effects
makeCoefLabelChange regression coefficient name
makeEquationMake mediation equations 3
makeEquation1Make mediation equations 1
makeEquation2Make mediation equations 2
makeEquation3Make mediation equations 3
makeIndirectEquationMake indirect equation
makeIndirectEquationCatMake indirect equation for categorical variables
makeIndirectEquationCat2Make indirect equation for categorical variables
makeLabelMake Labels
makePPTxmake powerpoint presentation
matrix2dfMake data.frame with matrix
matrix2noCalculate the dimension of matrix
matrixPlotDraw matrix plot
meanCenteringPerform mean centering
meanSummaryMake mean summary table
meanSummaryTableMake mean summary table
mediationBKPerform mediation analysis by Baron and Kenny Method
medSummarySummarize the mediation effects
medSummaryTableMake a table summarizing the mediation effects
medSummaryTable1Make a table summarizing the mediation effects
medSummaryTable2Make a table summarizing the mediation effects
modelFitGuideTableModel fit guide table
modelFitGuideTable2Model fit guide table
modelFitTableExtract model fit measures to data.frame
modelFitTable2Extract model fit measures to flextable
modelsSummaryMake Summary for Model Coefficients
modelsSummary2Make Summary for Model Coefficients
modelsSummary2TableMake Summary Table 2 for Model Coefficients
modelsSummaryTableMake Summary Table for Model Coefficients
moderator2dfMake data.frame from a list of moderator
moderator2posget position from moderator
modmedEquationMake moderated mediation equation
modmedSummarySummarize the moderated mediation
modmedSummary2Tablemake table summarizing moderated mediation effect
modmedSummaryTableMake a table summarizing the moderated mediation
modSummaryMake moderation effect summary
modSummary2Make table summarizing moderation effect
modSummary2TableMake flextable summarizing moderation effect
modSummary3Summary of moderation effect
modSummary3TableMake flextable summarizing moderation effect
modSummaryTableMake flextable summarizing moderation effect
moreModelsmore models data
multipleMediationMake Mediation Equation with multiple X or multiple Y
myarrowDraw arrow
myarrow2Draw arrow with adjustment of a position
mycatappend something to file
myflattenflatten string
myformatFormat a numeric vector
nodesNode Data Set for drawing statistical diagram of process...
numberSubscriptMake number subscript
p2asteriskConvert p values to asterisk
parallelMatrixMake bmatrix for parallel multiple mediator model
parrowsArrow Data Set for drawing statistical diagram of process...
pastecolonpaste two character with colon
pformatMake p value format
plotCoefMake Slopes Plot
plot.mediationBKS3 method for class mediationBK
pmacroData Set for process macro model
pmacroModeldraw conceptual diagram of process macro model
pmiPMI: Presumed Media Influence dataset
print.compareVIFS3 method of class compareVIF
print.meanSummaryS3 method of class meanSummary
print.mediationBKS3 method for class mediationBK
print.medSummaryS3 method print for an object of class medSummary
print.medSummary2S3 method print for an object of class medSummary2
print.modelSummaryS3 method print for object modelSummary
print.modelSummary2S3 method print for object modelSummary2
print.modmedSummaryS3 method print for an object of class modmedSummary
print.modmedSummary2S3 method print for an object of class modmedSummary2
print.modSummaryS3 method of class modSummary
productEqMake products of equations
protestProtest dataset
qqPlotDraw quantile-quantile plot
r2diffCalculate difference of R2 and adjusted R2
r2pptxMake powerpoint presentation from R file
regEquationMake regression equation
reliabilityTablemake reliability Table
reliabilityTable2make reliability Table in flextable format
removeParenthesesRemove parentheses
rightPrintPrint a string in right alignment
seekGroupFind group with variable name
seekGroup1Find group with variable name
seekGroup2Find group with variable name
seekNameVarsselect names of variables from list var
seekVarSeek var form covariates
separateEqSeparate equation
setPositionNodesSet Position of nodes
showModelsRun process macro shiny app
standardizeStandardize variable
standardizeDfstandardize data
statisticalDiagramDraw statistical diagram
str2vectorMake character vector from string
str_detect2Extension of str_detect to list
strGroupingMake Grouping equation
str_setdiffRemove matched pattern from string
sumEquationsummation of equations
summary.mediationBKS3 method for class mediationBK
teachersTeacher Efficacy Data
teamsTeams data set
treatInteractionunfold interaction
treatModeratorTreat moderator name with mean value
tripleEquationMake equation with triple interaction
tripleInteractionMake triple interaction equation
unfoldUnfold equations
vars2dfMake data.frame from a list of vars
ztable.compareMCS3 method for class compareMC
ztable.modelSummaryS3 method for class 'modelSummary'
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