Man pages for cbhelmholtz/metaboliteqc
metaboliteqc --- Quality controling metabolite data

byboxplotDraw boxplots for subsets of columns
bybyboxplotDraw boxplots for rectangular subsets of matrix
columnwiseApply a function columnwise to groups of rows
copy_NAsCopy NAs from one matrix to another
correct_for_factorCorrect metabolite measurements for a factor
count_below_percentileCount number of groups with measurements below percentile per...
count_NAsCount number of NAs
draw_boxDraw box for boxplot
draw_boxplotDraw boxplot
draw_outliersDraw outliers for boxplot
draw_whiskersDraw whiskers for boxplot
each_metaboliteApply function to every metabolite
each_pathwayApply function to every pathway
each_run_dayApply function to every run day
each_sampleApply function to every sample
find_cell_indicesFind indices of cells that satisfy a predicate
hist_NAsHistogram of number of NAs
mark_outliersMark outliers
plot_samples_with_low_median_metabolitesShow how many samples have low measurements in how many...
replace_NAs_with_column_meansReplace missing values with column/row means
sameCheck whether objects are identical
select_ifSelect rows/columns of a matrix using a predicate
summarize_NAsFind number of missing values and missingness rate
write.delimSave dataset as tab-delimited plain text file
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