Man pages for ccamp83/kinesis
R package for the analysis of motion trajectories and movement kinematics

data.checkCheck the data file and provide fixes if available
generate.trajectoryGenerate index and thumb trajectories accordind to Brenner...
kin.bwFilterapply Butterworth filter
kin.derivesmooth then calculate derivatives of a given variable with...
kin.extractExtract various kinematics from a grasp
kin.rescalerescale the values of a vector within a specified range....
kin.rotate.trajectoryRotate trajectory
kin.sgFilterapply Savitzky-Golay filter
kin.smoothsmooth data points.
kin.SmoothAndDeriveSmooth and derive kinematics
librariesLoad and update all the required libraries of the kinesis...
view.single.trialView single trial
view.single.trial.GAView single trial with Final Kinematics
view.single.trial.grasp3dinteractive 3d plot
view.single.trial.projectionsdisplay the trajectory of the reaching movement on the three...
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