Man pages for cddesja/R4Atlantis-legacy
Atlantis Helper Tool for R

bio_comGenerate group comments for biological parameter file
bio_demGenerate demersel flag from Fishbase
biol_templateBiological parameters template file
convert_atlantis_outputLoad Atlantis outputfiles (netcdf)
dummy_hydroGenerate dummy hydro data for Atlantis
extract_linf_k_fishbaseExtract values for Linf and k from
gen_initGenerate an Atlantis initial conditions file
get_availability_matrixExtract the availability matrix from the biological...
get_ids_fishbaseExtract fishbase IDs using the package "rfishbase"
init_dataFormat Atlantis initial conditions data
required_initRequired initial variables
rlantis-packageHelper tools for creating, manipulating, and viewing Atlantis...
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