Man pages for cddesja/hemp
Handbook of Educational Measurement and Psychometrics Using R Companion Package

bollen_plotBollen Influential Cases Plot
coef_alphaCoefficient alpha
depressionFabricated Multidimensional Depression Scale
dstudyConduct a dependability study
dstudy_plotPlots various D studies for one and two-facet design
efDataHypothetical Executive Functioning Assessment
eirmFabricated Short Quiz
fadiag_demoDiagnostic plot for factor analysis Shiny demo
fa.parallel.hempParallel analysis engine based on psych code
free_paramsCalculate the number of estimated parameters
gstudyGenerate the variance components from a G-study
hcreHypothetical College Readiness Exam
HSQHumor Styles Questionnaire
idiItem Discrimation Index
interestFabricated cognitive, personality, and vocational interest...
iriItem-Reliability Index
irtlr_summarySummary of the IRT-LR DIF test from the mirt package
itemperson_mapItem-Person Map for the Rasch Model and Its Variants
iviItem-Validity Index
lattice_paParallel analysis plot via lattice
lattice_screeScree plot via lattice
mimicMultidimensional MIMIC Data Set
multiplechoiceFabricated Multiple-Choice Test
negdNon-equivalent group design data set
num_missMissing observations by items
print.dStudyPrints the results from the D-study
print.gStudyPrints the results from the G-study
quart_cutQuartile cutter
rmsdCalculate RMSD
rseThe Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
SAPASynthetic Aperture Personality Assessment
split_halfSplit-half reliability
swtable11Item Scores on Eight Items from the CTBS Science Achievement...
teacherTeachers' Grading Consistency in a Performance Assessment
test_lengthNew test length
threepl_demoThree-parameter logistic IRT model Shiny demo
unique_elementsCalculate number of unique elements in a covariance matrix
VerbAggWideVerbal Aggression Data in a Wide Format
wiscsemWISC-R scores on 175 children
writingHypothetical writing prompt example
writing2Second hypothetical writing prompt example
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