Man pages for cdgreenidge/brcbase

applyMaskApplying a Mask ('BrcParcellation') To 'BrcFmri'
BrcFmriBrcFmri constructor.
BrcParcellationBrcParcellation constructor
buildBrcFmri'BrcFmri' Builder
buildBrcParcellation'BrcParcellation' Builder
data2dTo4dConvert a 2D fMRI data matrix to a 4D fMRI array
data4dTo2dConvert a 4D array containing a series of fMRI volumes to a...
dim4d4D fMRI dimensions
isValidChecks S3 object validity
isValid.BrcFmriChecking 'BrcFmri' instance validity.
isValid.BrcParcellationChecking 'BrcParcellation' instance validity.
numParcelsCount number of unique parcels in BrcParcellation object
print.BrcFmriPrinting BrcFmri objects
print.BrcParcellationPrinting BrcParcellation objects
readNiftiReads NIfTI fMRI data
reduceReducing function for BrcFmri object given parcellation
reduce_meanReducing using the mean for reduce.BrcFmri
reduce_pcaReducing using the first principal component for...
summary.BrcFmriSummarizing BrcFmri objects
summary.BrcParcellationSummarizing BrcParcellation objects
voxel3DToIdxConvert a Voxel's Coordinates (3-dimensional) to Position...
voxelIdxTo3DConvert a Voxel's Position Index to Coordinates...
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