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Solve for Leaf Temperature Using Energy Balance

ArAr: Archimedes number
constantsS3 class constants
convert_conductanceConvert conductance units
dot-get_dwvd_wv: water vapour gradient (mol / m ^ 3)
dot-get_DxD_x: Calculate diffusion coefficient for a given temperature...
dot-get_gbwg_bw: Boundary layer conductance to water vapour (m / s)
dot-get_ghg_h: boundary layer conductance to heat (m / s)
dot-get_grGr: Grashof number
dot-get_gtwg_tw: total conductance to water vapour (m/s)
dot-get_HH: sensible heat flux density (W / m^2)
dot-get_hvaph_vap: heat of vaporization (J / mol)
dot-get_LL: Latent heat flux density (W / m^2)
dot-get_nuNu: Nusselt number
dot-get_PaP_a: density of dry air (g / m^3)
dot-get_psSaturation water vapour pressure (kPa)
dot-get_RabsR_abs: total absorbed radiation (W / m^2)
dot-get_reRe: Reynolds number
dot-get_shSh: Sherwood number
dot-get_SrS_r: longwave re-radiation (W / m^2)
dot-get_TvCalculate virtual temperature
EEvaporation (mol / (m^2 s))
energy_balanceCalculate leaf energy balance
enviro_parS3 class enviro_par
leaf_parS3 class leaf_par
make_parametersMake lists of parameters of leaf, environmental, or constant...
parameter_namesGet vector of parameter names
tealeaves'tealeaves' package
tleaves'tleaves': find leaf temperatures for multiple parameter sets
tl_example1tealeaves example output 1
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