dot-get_Rabs: R_abs: total absorbed radiation (W / m^2)

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R_abs: total absorbed radiation (W / m^2)


R_abs: total absorbed radiation (W / m^2)


.get_Rabs(pars, unitless)



Concatenated parameters (leaf_par, enviro_par, and constants)


Logical. Should function use parameters with units? The function is faster when FALSE, but input must be in correct units or else results will be incorrect without any warning.


The following treatment follows Okajima et al. (2012):

R_abs = α_s (1 + r) S_sw + α_l σ (T_sky ^ 4 + T_air ^ 4)

The incident longwave (aka thermal infrared) radiation is modeled from sky and air temperature σ (T_sky ^ 4 + T_air ^ 4) where T_sky is function of the air temperature and incoming solar shortwave radiation:

T_sky = T_air - 20 S_sw / 1000

Symbol R Description Units Default
α_s abs_s absorbtivity of shortwave radiation (0.3 - 4 μm) none 0.80
α_l abs_l absorbtivity of longwave radiation (4 - 80 μm) none 0.97
r r reflectance for shortwave irradiance (albedo) none 0.2
σ s Stefan-Boltzmann constant W / (m^2 K^4) 5.67e-08
S_sw S_sw incident short-wave (solar) radiation flux density W / m^2 1000
S_lw S_lw incident long-wave radiation flux density W / m^2 calculated
T_air T_air air temperature K 298.15
T_sky T_sky sky temperature K calculated


Value in W / m^2 of class units


Okajima Y, H Taneda, K Noguchi, I Terashima. 2012. Optimum leaf size predicted by a novel leaf energy balance model incorporating dependencies of photosynthesis on light and temperature. Ecological Research 27: 333-46.



cs <- make_constants()
ep <- make_enviropar()
lp <- make_leafpar()
ep$T_sky <- ep$T_sky(ep)

tealeaves:::.get_Rabs(c(cs, ep, lp), FALSE)

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