Man pages for celalp/ribofootprintR
Fast data extraction and visualization from .bam files for ribosome footprint profiling experiments

generate_transcriptomeGenerate transcriptome and genedf for alignment and analysis...
get_geneGet coverage and ribosome occupancy of a gene by nucleotide
load_profiling_datare-load pre-processed profiling data
metagene_binsDivide ORF into bins and return either gene by gene or a...
metagene_cdsGet average ribosome footprint alignment values at the 5' and...
occupancyGet ribosome occupancy at codon or amino acid level
phasingCount the number of aligned reads per read length per frame
read_profiling_dataRead .bam files and pre-process them for further analysis
rrpCalculate relative ribosome positioning
select_read_lengthsSelect Relevant Read Lengths for the Profiling Library
smithRibosome profiling and RNA-Seq library from Smith et. al.
totalsReturns the total number of reads that map to an ORF and the...
write_profiling_dataWrite profiling library list to file.
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