Man pages for cells2numbers/neutrominer
Package for Creating and Analyzing Migration Profiles for Single Cell Tracking / Time Lapse Data

angleAngle of a track object.
assessAssess track quality.
chemotaxis_indexCalculate the mean chemotaxis index of a track object.
directionalityDirectionality of a track object.
directional_persistenceCalculate the mean directional_persistence of a track object.
displaceAdd spatial displacement per frame for each track object
distanceDistance traveled and integrated distance traveled of a track...
forward_migration_indexCompute the forward migration index of a tracked object
lifetimeLifetime of a track object.
mean_positionGet mean position
mean_squared_displacementMean squared displacement of a track object.
plot_windroseWindrose style plot
sector_analysisperform sector analysis and label each track according to its...
speedCalculate speed for each track object in each frame
summarize_sectorsSummarize sector analysis per experiment
trackCompute track statistics
validate_tracksIdentify valid tracks. Valid tracks are defined as tracks...
valid_observation_timecalculate valid observation time as sum of the length of all...
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