Man pages for chapmandu2/tidyMultiAssay
Tidy functions for MultiAssayExperiment and PharmacoGX objects

check_df_formatChecks the format of a data frame
convert_idsConverts sample id's from one format to another using a data...
crushCrush cell line id format
gather_assay.PharmacoSetConvert assay data from a PharmacoSet into tidy format
gather_curvedata.PharmacoSetConvert raw dose response curve data from a PharmacoSet into...
gather.ExpressionSetConvert an ExpressionSet object into tidy format
gather.PharmacoSetConvert a PharmacoSet object into tidy format
gather_responsegather_response response data from a data frame into tidy format
gather_response.PharmacoSetConvert response data from a PharmacoSet into tidy format
get_df_formatDetermine format of data frame
make_genetic_vs_genetic_dfmake_genetic_vs_genetic_df a genetic_vs_genetic data frame from two tall data...
make_genetic_vs_genetic_df.PharmacoSetCreate a genetic_vs_genetic data frame from the data in a...
make_response_vs_genetic_dfmake_response_vs_genetic_df a response_vs_genetic data frame from two tall data...
tidyMultiAssay-data-formatsData frame formats used in the tidyMultiAssay package
tidyMultiAssay-packageTidy data from PharmacoGx and MultiAssayExperiment objects
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