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Dictionary of South East Asia Admin1, Admin2 and Admin3 Names

Global functions
ISO_admin1 Man page
ISO_country Man page
SEA_country Man page
admin3 Man page
alternate_name Source code
create_dictionary Source code
dictionary Man page Source code
dictionary-package Man page
id_admin1 Source code
id_admin2 Source code
id_date Source code
id_event Source code
kh_admin1 Man page
kh_admin1_year Man page
kh_history Man page
la_admin1 Man page
la_admin1_year Man page
la_admin2 Man page
la_history Man page
list_year_admin1 Man page Source code
make_history Man page Source code
match_pattern Man page Source code
old_vect Source code
read_geonames Source code
select_events Source code
split_event Source code
th_admin1 Man page
th_admin1_year Man page
th_history Man page
tidy_geonames Source code
translate Man page Source code
translate_v Source code
uni_vect Source code
vect_case Source code
vect_version Source code
vn_admin1 Man page
vn_admin1_year Man page
vn_admin2 Man page
vn_history Man page
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