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Dictionary of South East Asia Admin1, Admin2 and Admin3 Names

admin3Vietnamese admin3 dictionary
dictionarydictionary: Dictionary of Vietnamese admin1 Names
ISO_admin1ISO admin1 unit dictionary
ISO_countryISO Countries dictionary
kh_admin1Cambodian admin1 unit dictionary
kh_admin1_yearCambodian admin1 unit By Year
kh_historyCambodia admin1 unit Boundaries History (since 1996)
la_admin1Lao admin1 unit dictionary
la_admin1_yearLao admin1 unit By Year
la_admin2Lao admin2 units dictionary
la_historyLao admin1 unit Boundaries History (since 1993)
list_year_admin1Creates a lists of admin1 names by year range
make_historyCreates a list of event for a country
match_patternCompares one column against patterns
SEA_countrySEA Countries dictionary
th_admin1Thai admin1 unit dictionary
th_admin1_yearThai admin1 unit By Year
th_historyThai admin1 unit Boundaries History (since 1972)
translateTranslates Vector in English Without Accent
vn_admin1Vietnamese admin1 unit dictionary
vn_admin1_yearVietnamese admin1 unit By Year
vn_admin2Vietnamese admin2 units dictionary
vn_historyVietnamese admin1 unit Boundaries History (since 1979)
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