Man pages for christiantillich/syberiaReports
Report Generation for Syberia

add_elementAssigns object to a report via a text path.
append_reportAdd something to your report.
build_reportBuild the report list.
check_coverageCheck that all reporting functions have a non-trivial test.
combine_setsCombines multiple s3 paths into a single data set
get_elementRetrieves object via a text path.
get_setGet the s3 path to a set by using the report_list name.
libHelper to call the library environment from .syberiaReport,...
make_report_envCreate new, blank .syberiaReport environment
modelHelper to call the model from .syberiaReport
perform_testsExecutes all tests in the test library.
recipeHelper to call the report recipe from .syberiaReport
reportHelper to call the report object from .syberiaReport
score_dataScore a data set.
store_plotWrite out a plot to s3
testsHelper to call the test environment from .syberiaReport, with...
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