Man pages for clauswilke/dviz.supp
Supporting materials for Claus Wilke's data visualization book

align_legendAlign the legend keys relative to the legend title
Aus_athletesAustralian athletes
BA_degreesBA degrees awarded by field of study
blue_jaysBody measurements for a sample of blue jays This dataset...
bridgesPittsburgh bridges
bundestagComposition of the 8th German Bundestag
cacaoRatings of chocolate bars
CHIP_taxCost of CHIP vs costs of major provisions in 2017 US tax bill
CO2Monthly CO2 concentrations in parts per million (ppm)
CO2_emissionsCO2 emissions per capita (metric tons of CO2)
correlation_examplesRandom variates with specific correlation coefficients
corruptionCorruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and Human Development...
cowsButterfat percentage for cows This dataset corresponds to the...
cvd_simMake combined figure of color-vision deficiency simulations
dow_jones_industrialDow Jones industrial average
draw_landDraw land masses in orthographic projection
dw_nominate_houseScores from the DW NOMINATE project
flight_delaysFlight delays for flights departing Newark airport in 2013
forensic_glassMeasurements of forensic glass fragments This dataset...
fred_mdSt. Louis FED Monthly Database
gene_expressionGene-expression measurements for various mutants of...
happyData related to happiness from the general social survey
hawaii_incomeMedian income in Hawaii counties
house_pricesHouse Price Index and unemployment, by state
income_by_ageU.S. median income by age
internetInternet users per 100 people
label_log10Draw labels in log-10 format
legosetsInformation about every LEGO set manufactured from 1970 to...
map_polysVarious map polygons
marketshareFictitional marketshare of five companies
Moby_DickDistribution of word counts in the novel Moby Dick
movie_lengthsLengths of movies released between 1913 and 2005
moving_aveCalculate date-based moving average
ncdc_normalsDaily average temperature normals across the U.S.
orthprojProject lat/long to x-y in orthographic projection.
pad_figurePad figure
plot_gridArrange plots in a grid.
preprint_growthGrowth in the number of biology preprints posted Monthly...
sfbay_mapsMaps of the bay area in California
stampStamp plots with a label, such as good, bad, or ugly.
stat_sinaggplot2 stat that creates sina plots
tech_stocksStock prices of four major tech companies
texas_incomeMedian income in Texas counties
texas_raceRacial composition in Texas counties
theme_dviz_openThemes for data viz book
titanicPassenger data from the Titanic
US_censusUS census data at the county level
US_incomeUnited States median income and population numbers per state
US_income_ageUnited States median income and age per county
US_regionsUS regions and divisions
US_states_geomsVarious projections of the states of the USA
wind_turbinesLocations of wind turbines in the U.S.
women_parliamentsProportion of seats held by women in national parliaments
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