Man pages for coleoguy/evobir
Comparative and Population Genetic Analyses

1.fastasimulated SNP data
AICcComputes an AICc score
AncCondCalculate the mean of a continuous character at the origin of...
CalcDCalculate Patterson's D-statistic
cdcModelFits a model of change dependent character evolution.
EvenTests whether a number is even
evobiR-packageevobiR: Evolutionary Biology in R
FastaFilterFilter fasta files
FuzzyMatchFind Close Matches in a tree and dataset
getMScreates an MS string
HighLevelTreePrune a phylogeny to a higher taxonomic levels.
horn.beetleGnatocerus measurements
hym.treePhylogenetic tree
isUppercheck case
mcmc2mcmc log file
mite.traitphenotype data for mites
ModeCalcualtes the mode of a numeric vector
normalizeNormalizes data between 0 and 1
ReorderDataReorders trait data to match the order of tips in a tree
ResSelSelection on Residuals
SampleTreesSelect a random sample of trees
ShowTreePlots a tree and discrete tip data
SimThresh33 state threshold model
SlidingWindowSliding window analysis
StochRoundStochastic rounding
SuperMatrixcreates a supermatrix from multiple gene alignments
taxa.tabledata to illustrate high level tree function
trees10 Phylogenetic trees
trees.mite10 Phylogenetic trees
trees.nex100 Phylogenetic trees
WinCalcDCalculate Patterson's D-statistic in sliding windows
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