Man pages for compomics/search-all-assess-subset
An implementation of the Search All, Asses Subset strategy for FDR estimation shotgun proteomics.

calculate_fdrCalculates qvalues on the subset PSMs.
check_input.. content for (no empty lines) ..
dpi0Density function for the pi_0 distribution.
id_is_presentChecks if protein id appears in the headers of a fasta file.
parse_msgf_mzidParses a mzID file generated by MS-GF+.
pi0plotCreates density plot of the pi0 distribution.
plot_diagPlot diagnostic plots to evaluate assumptions from the search...
plot_theo_distplots the theoretical distribution of all components in the...
PPplotCreates PP plot of two empirical distributions.
preprocessPreprocess data from a MS-GF mzID file.
rpi0Random generation for the pi_0 distribution.
saas_guiLaunches the GUI version of saas.
sample_datasetSample scores for a random dataset
simulate_subsetRandom generation of a dataset after TDA.
uiUI shiny app
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