workflow is a new R package I am working based on some ideas I have had for contructing reproducible workflows. At this stage, the code of workflow is complete, but the vignette is not. I aim to finish this soon, which should make the goal of workflow more clear.

The goal of workflow is to provide a consise, abstracted, and powerful platform to run an R analysis as a fully reproducible project.

workflow takes a lot of inspiration from other, similarily themed, packages such as "ProjectTemplate", "rrtools", and "workflowr". However, workflows goal is to take a more simple approach for people not interested in having their analysis as a package or a website, but rather are just looking for a way to structure their analysis in a reproducible manner.


You can install workflow from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")


To see a full example of how to set up, and run a project with workflow, please read the included vignette.

## basic example code

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