Man pages for cont-limno/LAGOS
Interface to the Lake Multi-Scaled Geospatial and Temporal Database

chagCHAG Datasets
classificationsLAGOSNE Spatial Classifications Metadata
connConnectivity Datasets
coordinatizeConvert a LAGOSNE flat file into a spatial object
display_namesConvert table names for display
epi_nutrEpilimnion Water Quality Data
info_tableSummarize all LAGOSNE flat files
lagos_get_oliver_2015Get depth data
lagos_ingestIngest LAGOSNE flat files
lagoslakesLake Geospatial Metadata
lagos_load_oliver_2015Load depth data
lagosne_compileCompile LAGOSNE data
LAGOSNE-deprecatedDeprecated functions in the LAGOSNE package
lagosne_getRetrieve LAGOSNE flat files
lagosne_loadLoad LAGOSNE data
LAGOSNE-packageR interface to the LAGOSNE lakes database
lagosne_selectSelect and filter LAGOSNE data
lagosne_versionLatest LAGOSNE version
lake_infoGet a summary of lake attribute information
lakes_limnoMetadata for Lakes with Water Quality
lg_extentLAGOSNE extent
lg_subsetLAGOSNE subset
load_lagos_txtLoad LAGOSNE data from disk
locusMetadata for all lakes > 1ha
lulcLand Use Land Cover (LULC) Data Frames
query_column_keywordsQuery column keywords
query_column_namesQuery columnnames
query_lagos_namesQuery LAGOSNE names
secchiSecchi (Water Clarity) Data
sourceLAGOSNE sources
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