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Data frames containing metadata for each spatial classification at which ecological context data are derived in LAGOSNE. The spatial classifications include 100m buffers (buffer100m), 500m buffers (buffer500m), interlake watersheds (iws), hydrologic units (hu12, hu8, hu4), ecological drainage units (edu), counties (county), and states (state). Each abbreviation is the name of the data frame, with all or a subset of the following variables. For more information about derivation of each spatial classification, see Details below or [insert supp docs] from Soranno et al. 2015.


Data frames with all or a subset of the following variables. Number of observations is equal to the number of zones in each spatial classification (see Details below).


The nine LAGOSNE spatial classifications were used to summarize the ecological context of each lake. Ecological context themes include land use/land cover (LULC), connectivity (CONN), and climate, hydrology, atmospheric deposition, and groundwater (CHAG). Not all themes were derived at all classifications due to data availability. Briefly:


Soranno et al. (2017) Gigascience 6:12

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