Man pages for coripenrod/MAGNAMWAR
A Pipeline for Meta-Genome Wide Association

after_ortho_formatFormatted output of OrthoMCL.
after_ortho_format_grpsFormatted output of OrthoMCL.
AnalyzeOrthoMCLMain OrthoMCL Analysis
CalculatePrincipalCoordinatesShow Principal Components Breakdown
FormatAfterOrthoFormat file from output of OrthoMCL algorithm before use in...
FormatMCLFastasFormat all raw GenBank fastas to single OrthoMCL compatible...
joined_mtrxFinal output of join_repset.
joined_mtrx_grpsFinal output of join_repset.
JoinRepSeqJoin Representative Sequences
ManhatGrpManhattan Plot of All Taxa
mcl_mtrxFinal output of AnalyzeOrthoMCL
mcl_mtrx_grpsFinal output of AnalyzeOrthoMCL
pdgplotPlot of a PDG and Data with Standard Error Bars
PDGvOGNumber of PDGs vs OGs/PDG
pheno_dataTriglyceride (TAG) content of fruit flies dataset.
phydataerrorPhylogenetic Tree with Attached Bar Plot and Standard Error...
printOGseqsPrint OG Sequences
RASTtogbkWrite RAST files to Genbank formats OrthoMCL Analysis
starv_pheno_dataStarvation rate of fruit flies dataset.
SurvAppendMatrixAppend Survival Test Outputs
WriteMCLPrint analyzed matrix
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