Man pages for corybrunson/ordr
A 'tidyverse' extension for ordinations and biplots

accessorsAccess factors, coordinates, inertia, and metadata from...
alignmentAlignment of ordinations
annotationAnnotate the factors of an ordination object
augmentationAugment information for the factors and coordinates of...
benthosMarine species from sea-bed (benthic) samples
bioenvMultivariate marine biological and environmental data
conferenceConfer inertia to factors of an ordination
countriesStudent ratings of similarities and attributes of 13...
dplyr-verbs*dplyr* verbs for 'tbl_ord' factors
finchesSite-species occurrence data for finches on the Galapagos...
formattingFormatting and printing methods for 'tbl_ord's
fortificationFortify a 'tbl_ord' for plotting
ggbiplotBiplots following the grammar of graphics
ggbiplot-axisRender axes through origin
ggbiplot-centerCompute geometric centers and spreads for ordination factors
ggbiplot-chullRestrict ordination data to the convex hulls of both matrix...
ggbiplot-draw-keyBiplot key drawing functions
ggbiplot-ellipseCompute normal confidence ellipses for ordination factors
ggbiplot-intervalsRender intervals depicting ranges, usually about center...
ggbiplot-isolinesRender isolines for a subject or variable
ggbiplot-matrixRender plot elements for one matrix of an ordination
ggbiplot-pointRender points at ordinates
ggbiplot-polygonRender polygons around ordinates
ggbiplot-textRender text at ordinates
ggbiplot-text-radiateRender text at ordinates radiating out from the origin
ggbiplot-vectorRender vectors from origin to ordinates
issp_womenOriginal respondent-level data from Spanish ISSP sample
masksMasks of external ordination objects
methods-caFunctionality for correspondence analysis ('ca') objects
methods-cmdsFunctionality for classical multidimensional scaling objects
methods-eigenFunctionality for matrix spectral decompositions
methods-kmeansFunctionality for k-means clustering ('kmeans') objects
methods-lmFunctionality for linear model objects
methods-lpcaFunctionality for logistic principal components analysis and...
methods-prcompFunctionality for principal components analysis ('prcomp')...
methods-princompFunctionality for principal components analysis ('princomp')...
methods-svdFunctionality for singular value decompositions
ordr*ordr* package
reconstructReconstruct data from an ordination
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
tbl_ordA unified ordination object class
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