Man pages for courtiol/SileR
Survival Analysis of Elephants Using an Extension of the William Siler's Framework

best_model_descriptionProvide information about the best model
boot_all_modelsRefit all models several times on bootstrapped data
build_design_matrixBuild the design matrix
build_empty_design_matrixCreate an empty design matrix
build_param_matrixBuild the matrix storing parameters
build_param_namesBuild the parameter names
compute_aic_wCompute the AIC weights
compute_demographyProvide demographic information about the data
compute_estimates_averageCompute parameter estimates by model averaging
compute_indicesCompute the indices
compute_logLikCompute the log-likelihood
compute_logLikCC++ Function computing the log-likelihood
compute_survival_infoProvide survival information
ElesAllThe dataset of information at the individual level for all...
ElesCapturedDatasets of information at the individual level for captured...
evidence_ratios_top_modelsBuild the table comparing the top models
expand_param_matrixExpand the parameter matrix
fitFit the model
fit_all_modelsFit all 17 models
get_param_nameThis function selects the names of parameters belonging to...
get_param_names_without_metaThis function trims out the meta suffix from the names of...
info_packageProvide some basic information about the code of the package
interpol_survInterpolate yearly survivorship
list_tables_bootBuild the list of tables showing the results of the...
logLik_from_design_matrixCompute the log-likelihood from the design matrix
logLik_from_vector_paramCompute the log-likelihood from parameter vector
make_param_str_listCreate the list of parameter structures
median_lifespanCompute the median lifespan
ModelsThe list of the fitted models
Models_bootThe list of the models refitted on bootstrapped data
parametersDefinition for parameters
plot_baselinePlot the baseline mortality rate
plot_capturePlot the effect of capture on the mortality rate
plot_captured_demogPlot demographic information for the captured elephants
plot_survivorshipPlot the survivorship curves
predictPredict mortality based on a single model
predict_avgPredict mortality using model averaging
predict_captive_mortalityPredict the mortality of captive born individuals
predictorPredict the probability of death
predictorCC++ Function computing the predicted probabilities
predictorC_wrapPredict the probability of death (R wrapper for C++)
prepare_data_for_capture_plotPrepare the data for plotting the effect of capture on the...
save_xlsxSave a table in the *.xlsx format
SileR-packageSurvival Analysis of elephants using an extension of the...
SurvEles_smallA subset of the dataset for elephant survival
table_all_modelsBuild the table comparing all 17 models
table_bootBuild the table of the results of the non-parametric...
table_estimatesBuild the table with model parameter estimates for all models
table_lifespanBuild the table with the predicted median lifespans.
table_model_averagingBuild the table of the results of the model averaging across...
table_SEBuild a table with the standard error of all parameter...
upload_on_dratBuild and upload the package on drat
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