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Functions for Fundraising Analytics

abbrdollarsAbbreviate Dollars
consistencyCalculate the consistency rate for constituents (the...
contact_dataSample Contact Reports
currency_to_numericCurrency to Numeric
cutgivingCut Giving
donor_dataDonor Data
donor_data2Donor Data 2
fiscal_monthsCreate a lookup table that calculates fiscal months based on...
flag_lapsedIdentify donors who gave last year or some year other than...
fyCalculate the fiscal year based on any starting month
fydaynumFiscal Year Day Number
fy_quartersAppend a data frame with the gift month, fiscal month and...
get_block_idsGet a block id for every longitude and latitude value - a...
get_block_id_tableIterate through get_block_ids to create a table of block ids...
get_FIPSFCC Geocoder
get_lat_lonGet the latitide and longitude values based on address data
helloHello, World!
longest_consecutiveCalculate the longest consecutive giving streak
make_concat_addressCreate a concatenated address column to be used for gathering...
make_full_nameCreate a full name column using the first and last names
mapping_dataMapping Data
network_dataNetwork Dataset
parse_fipsParsing FIPS codes
query_acsObtain 5-Year American Community Survey Estimates
small_dataSmall Alumni Dataset
survey_dataSurvey Responses
zipcodeZIP Code Data
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