Man pages for csetraynor/survbayes2
Bayesian Survival Models (survbayes2)

gen_new.frameExpand dataset accordin to calendar time
gen_stan_datGenerate surv data for stan
gen_stan_survGenerate data for stan
get_bs2Get brier score
get_ci2Get concordance index
get_cindexGet c-index
get_plot.framePrepare plot frame
get_plot_new_framePrepare plot with new dataframe
link.survGAMMA poisson link
mod_coxfitModel fitting
plot_kmKaplan and Meier estimates
post_survPosterior Hazard
pred_sbmPrediction of survival from model
pred_survPosterior prediction of survival outcome
str_strataString method for strata in surv analysis
surv_pred_bgamPrediction of Survival probability from a Bayesian model
tdbrierCalculate tdBrier
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