Man pages for csiro-crc-spin/RCSpin
Group of Spin-alike models

Adenoma-classClass implementing Adenoma
AdenomaParams-classClass that hold parameters used to derive factors used in...
ClinicalHistory-classClass implementing records of clinical history
CrcRisk-classClass representing a person's risk of developing adenomas...
CrcRiskParams-classClass that hold parameters used to model a persons risk...
CrcSpinModel-classClass orchestrating the CRC Spin model
death_ratesDeath rates
DukesCrcSpinModel-classClass orchestrating the Duke's CRC Spin model
GenericModel-classClass implementing a simple natural aging model on a group of...
lappendappend to a list
Person-classClass representing a person involved in a clinical study
RCSpinA collection of extensible classes implementing CRC-Spin and...
Risk-classClass representing a person's risk from a number of factors
SpinModels-packageWhat the package does (short line)
Test-classClass implementing records of clinical tests
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