Man pages for dSHARP-CMU/pathfinder
Topology Navigation And Manipulation Functions

augment_edgesReturns a tidy data frame with one row per edge in the...
augment_pathReturns a tidy data frame with one row per edge crossing
decorate_graphUtility function that applies edge bundle and distance...
firstFirst value in a vector
get_interface_pointsFind the vertices in a graph where bundled and non-bundled...
glance_pathReturn a tidy data frame with metrics on the performance of a...
greedy_searchGreedy search for bundled edges
pathwayGet pathway data
pgh_bundlesPittsburgh bridge bundles
pgh_distancesPittsburgh edge distances
pgh_graphPittsburgh road network
simplify_topologyRemove all 2-degree nodes from a graph
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