Man pages for dahcase/mbgstacking
Stacked generalization ensemble model for model-based geostatistics

add_additional_termsAdd additional terms to the covariate equation
addQuotesAdd quotes
addQuotes_dAdd quotes using "
addQuotes_sAdd quotes using '
build_parameter_gridBuild Parameter Grid
centreScaleCenter (e.g. normalize) data
check_namesCheck names
check_submodelsA little wrapper to check the status of submodels
compile_submodelsCompile submodels Turns a list of results created by various...
emplogitEmperical logit
extract_covariatesExtract Covariate Values
fetch_covariate_layerMake rasters from the child model objects
find_binaryFind binary variables
fit_earthFit an Earth model
fit_gamFit gam model
fit_glmnetFit penalized regression model
fit_scamFit scam model
fit_xgb.trainFit boosted regression tree/gradient boosted machine
format_covariatesFormat covariate equation
format_model_covsFormat Model Covariates
getCentreScaleCenter (e.g. normalize) data
get_model_typeGet Model Type
init_earthInitialize an earth model
init_gamInitialize a gam model
init_penalizedInitialize a penalized linear regression model
init_sgeInitialize SGE parameters
init_stackerInitialize stacker
init_xgboostInitialize a GBM3 brt model
invlogitInverse logit transformation
logitLogit transformation
make_all_children_rastersMake rasters from the child model objects
make_child_rasterMake rasters from the child model objects
make_model_gridGenerate a model grid from a stacker object
make_random_covMake random covariate Makes a raster from a random field
make_random_tvcovMake timevarying covariate
make_stacking_foldsMake stacking folds
make_test_trainMake Test and Train identifiers
parseArgsSParse spline arguments
run_modelA little wrapper to run models via SGE
run_stacking_child_modelsRun child models for stacking
sanitize_parametersSanitize parameters
sge_hold_via_syncCreate a blank job to pause R until the child jobs complete
sge_run_child_modelRun a child model of the stacker using Sun Grid Engine
sge_run_make_child_rasterRun a child model of the stacker using Sun Grid Engine
simulate_stacking_dataSimulate data for unit testing
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