Man pages for dami82/TCGAretriever
Retrieve Genomic and Clinical Data from TCGA

basic_tcga_queryTCGA Core Query Engine
expand_casesExplode TCGA Case Identifiers from a TCGA Study
fetch_all_tcgadataRecursively Fetch All Data Included in a TCGA Study Subset
get_cancer_studiesRetrieve a List of Cancer Studies Available at TCGA
get_cancer_typesRetrieve a List of Cancer Types as Defined by the TCGA...
get_case_listsRetrieve All Case List Available for a Specific TCGA Study
get_clinical_dataRetrieve Clinical Information from a TCGA Study
get_ext_mutationRetrieve Extended Information About DNA Mutations from TCGA
get_genetic_profilesRetrieve Genetic Profiles for a TCGA Study of Interest
get_profile_dataRetrieve TCGA Data corresponding to a Specific Genetic...
get_protein_dataRetrieve Protein Expression Data from a TCGA Study
get_protein_infoRetrieve Information on Antibodies Used for Protein Levels...
make_groupsSplit Numeric Vectors in Groups
TCGAretriever-packageRetrieve Genomic and Clinical Data from TCGA
trim_rnaseq_tcgadataRNAseq Expression Data Trimmer
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