Man pages for danStich/shadia
American shad dam passage performance standard model for R

additionalEggsProcessingProcessing for egg calculations
addStochListAdd stochasticity to a list
annualUpstreamAnnual upstream migration parameters
arr.BArrival regression parameters for bucks
assignFishToRoutesAssign fish to routes
b.parmsvon Bertalanffy growth parameters for bucks
b.parms_merrimackvon Bertalanffy growth parameters for roes
CICalculate 95 percent confidence intervals
connecticutRiverModelConnecticut River Model
createPUMatrixCreate production unit matrix
ctr_proj45Projected daily river temperatures (RCP4.5) in CT River, USA
ctr_proj85Projected daily river temperatures (RCP8.5) in CT River, USA
defineHabitatProduction potential definition
defineHydroSystemDefinition of hydro system
defineOutputVectorsDefine simulation output vectors and pre-allocate memory
definePassageRatesAssign upstream and downstream passage efficiencies
downstreamMigrationDownstream migration model
fillOutputVectorsFill output vectors on loop completion
fishGrowth data for Connecticut River American shad
fwFishingMortAssign freshwater fishing mortality
innerLoopSamplingStochastic sampling of annual variables
invlogitInverse logit
kennebecRiverModelKennebec River Model
merrimackRiverModelMerrimack River Model
nextGenerationProject population to the next year
outerLoopSamplingStochastic sampling of simulation-specific variables
penobscotRiverModelPenobscot River Model
pnr_proj45Projected daily river temperatures (RCP4.5) in Penobscot...
pnr_proj85Projected daily river temperatures (RCP8.5) in Penobscot...
populationMatricesDefine in-river population matrices
postSpawnMortalityDefine in-river population matrices
processCohortsProcess numbers of fish by age, sex, PU, and migration route
processPopulationProcess population
rcp45_sstProjected sea surface temperatures RCP 4.5
rcp85_sstProjected sea surface temperatures RCP 4.5
regionsRegion-system key for von Bertalanffy growth estimates
r.parmsvon Bertalanffy growth parameters for roes
r.parms_merrimackvon Bertalanffy growth parameters for roes
sacoRiverModelSaco River Model
scalePopScale population to speed computations
setParametersSet test parameters and environment variables
setScalarSet population scalar
setUpDataSet up data for simulations
shadiashadia: American shad dam passage performance standard models...
simGrowthSimulate growth parameters
simMarineSSimulate marine survival
simTemperatureSimulate daily temperatures
startingPopCreate starting population
substrRightSubstring right
susquehannaRiverModelSusquehanna River Model
tempDConnecticut River temperatures, Stratford, NH, USA
tempDataPenobscot River temperatures, Eddington, ME, USA
tempData_connecticutConnecticut River temperatures, Turner's Falls, MA, USA.
tempData_kennebecKennebec River Temperatures
tempData_merrimackSouth Branch Piscataqoug River near Goffstown, NH, USA
tempData_sacoSaco River at River Street in Bartlett, NH
tempData_susquehannaSaco River at River Street in Bartlett, NH
vbgf_aggSex-aggregate von Bertalanffy growth parameters
vbgf_fFemale von Bertalanffy growth parameters
vbgf_mMale von Bertalanffy growth parameters
weldonScenariosWeldon Dam relicensing scenarios in Penobscot River
writeDataWrite simulation results
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