Man pages for daniel-gerhard/medrc
Mixed effect dose-response curves

BMDBMD estimation for medrc or glsdrc models
BMDadjrespAdjusted ED response levels for BMD estimation based on medrc...
BMDmargMarginal BMD estimation for medrc models
broccoliThe Effects of Drought Stress on Leaf Development in a...
ctbCellTiter-Blue Cell Viability Assay Data
Cyp17Cyp17 expression data
drc_loged_functionsED and BMD estimation on log scale
EDmargEstimating marginal effective doses for medrc objects
glsdrc-methodsgdrc methods
glsdrmDose-response curve estimation by generalized least squares
mdra3T3 mouse fibroblasts and NRU assay
medrc-methodsmedrc methods
medrc-packageMixed effect dose-response curves
medrmMixed effects dose-response curves
mmaBMDBMD estimation for averaged medrc or glsdrc models
mmaEDED estimation for averaged medrc and glsdrc models
mmplotPlot multiple medrc objects
nfaNetwork Formation Assay Data
plot_glsdrcPlot gdrc objects
plot_medrcPlot medrc objects
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