Man pages for dantonnoriega/sppedr
Imports, cleans, and combines different data sources for Chicago Public Schools and Police Departments

clear_main_dirClear the sep = "|", encoding = "UTF-8") main_dir.
crime_countsextract crime counts Date function IDate function ITime function
get_cpd_crimeget chicago public school data
get_cps_2008_2016get chicago public school data
get_cps_addressget chicago public school data
get_cps_security_personnelget chicago public school data. REQUIRES DATA CLEANED BY...
get_crime_countscount crimes found within a .25 and .5 miles of a school
get_main_dirGet sep = "|", encoding = "UTF-8") main_dir
get_within_milesdetermine counts within .25 and .5 miles by crime type
has_main_dirMake sure sep = "|", encoding = "UTF-8") main_dir string is...
helloHello, World!
set_main_dirGet main dir
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