Man pages for darrennorris/cmartr
Functions for processing and analysing river turtle management

PopParamCreate data.frame with demographic parameters
PopPrepPrepare data for population projections.
PopProjProject populations.
PopScenExtract and combine data for different scenarios.
PopScenAcessExtract and combine data for different scenarios.
PopScenLambdaExtract and combine data for different scenarios.
prepBasinPrepare basin polygons
prepPAPrepare protected area polygons
prepPAcountryPrepare polygons for PA calculations
prepPAcoverPrepare polygons for PAcover calculations
prepTabcoverPrepare polygons for Table calculations
resFig2Create Figure 2
resFig3Create and export Figure 3.
resFig4Create and export Figure 4.
resFig5Create and export Figure 5.
resFig6Create and export Figure 6.
resFig6cCreate Figure 6
resTabCreate Table 1 and Table 2
resTabDemogCreate summary for population scenarios in Table 1.
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