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A Client for '' REST API

add_fileAdd a file to a request object.
add_file_by_sourceAdd a single file to a dataset.
add_files_by_sourceAdd one or more files to a dataset.
auth_tokenReturn the currently configured API authentication token
check_dataset_summary_responseValidate 'get_dataset' response object.
check_file_summary_responseValidate 'get_dataset' response files.
check_project_summary_responseValidate 'get_project' response object.
check_user_info_responseValidate 'get_user' response object, returning the object if...
configureLibrary configuration tool.
create_datasetCreate a new dataset.
create_dataset_responseDe-serialize a structured list into create_dataset_reponse...
create_insightCreate an insight.
create_insight_responseDe-serialize a structured list into create_insight_response...
dataset_create_requestCreate request object for new datasets.
dataset_replace_requestCreate request object for replacing existing datasets.
dataset_summary_responseDeserialize 'get_dataset' response object.
dataset_update_requestCreate request object for updating existing datasets.
delete_fileDelete a single file from a dataset.
delete_filesDelete one or more files from a dataset.
download_datapackageDownload data package.
download_fileDownload file from dataset onto the local file system.
download_file_as_data_frameDownload dataset file onto a data frame.
download_table_as_data_frameDownload a dataset table onto a data frame.
dwapidwapi: A client for's REST API.
error_messageDeserialize error response object.
extract_dataset_keyExtract the dataset key from URL or as provided
file_batch_update_requestCreate request object for adding or updating dataset files.
file_create_or_update_requestCreate object for adding/updating a dataset file.
file_create_requestCreate object for adding a dataset file.
file_source_create_or_update_requestCreate object for adding/updating dataset file sources.
file_source_create_requestCreate object for adding dataset file sources.
file_source_summary_responseDeserialize 'get_dataset' response file sources.
file_summary_responseDeserialize 'get_dataset' response files.
get_datasetRetrieve dataset information.
get_datasets_user_contributingSearch for datasets contributed-to by the currently...
get_datasets_user_likedSearch for datasets liked by the currently authenticated...
get_datasets_user_ownSearch for datasets owned by the currently authenticated...
get_project_required_fieldsGet the project required fields
get_projects_user_contributingSearch for projects contributed-to by the currently...
get_projects_user_likedSearch for projects liked by the currently authenticated...
get_projects_user_ownSearch for projects owned by the currently authenticated...
get_table_schemaRetrieve schema information for a dataset table.
get_userRetrieve user information for the currently authenticated...
get_user_library_itemSearch for library items owned by, liked by, or...
handle_library_errStop execution with a message when the response contains an...
insight_create_requestCreate insight object for new insights
list_tablesList tables in a dataset.
parse_success_or_errorParse simple responses (success or error).
project_summary_responseDeserialize 'get_project' response object.
replace_datasetReplace an existing dataset.
sdk_versionReturn the current dwapi version
sparqlExecute SPARQL query against a dataset.
sqlExecute SQL query against a dataset.
success_messageDeserialize success response object.
syncFetch latest files from source and update dataset.
table_schema_field_responseDeserialize 'get_table_schema' fields.
table_schema_field_update_requestCreate request object for updating table schema fields.
table_schema_responseDeserialize 'get_table_schema' response object.
table_schema_update_requestCreate request object for updating table schema.
update_datasetUpdate an existing dataset.
update_table_schemaUpdate table schema.
upload_data_frameUpload a data frame as a file to a dataset.
upload_fileUpload a single file to a dataset.
upload_filesUpload one or more files to a dataset.
user_agentReturn the dwapi user-agent
user_info_responseDeserialize 'get_user' response object.
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