Man pages for datapplab/SBGNview
Overlay omics data onto SBGN pathway diagram

arc-classAn object to store arc information.
changeDataIdChange the data IDs of input omics data
changeIdsChange input IDs to another ID type
downloadSbgnFileDownload pre-generated SBGN-ML file from GitHub
findPathwaysRetrieve pathways by keywords
getMolListRetrieve gene list or compound list from collected databases
glyph-classAn object to store glyph information
highlightArcsHighlight arcs by arc class
highlightNodesHighlight input nodes
highlightPathGiven two nodes, find the shortest path between them and...
loadMappingTableGenerate ID mapping table from input and output ID types. If...
mapped.idsIDs mappable by SBGNview
outputFileRetrieve output file information from a SBGNview object
outputFile-setSet output file information for a SBGNview object
pathways.infoInformation of collected pathways
pathways.statNumber of pathways collected
plus-.SBGNviewGeneric function to modify SBGN graph features
print.SBGNviewA wrapper to run function 'renderSbgn' for all pathways in a...
renderSbgnOverlay omics data on a SBGN pathway graph and output image...
sbgnNodesExtract glyph information
SBGNviewOverlay omics data on SBGN pathway diagram and output image...
SBGNview.objDemo SBGNview object
spline.arc-classAn object to store information of spline arcs.
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