Man pages for datashield/opal
Opal R and Datashield utils

datashield.aggregateData aggregation
datashield.assignData assignment
datashield.commandGet an asynchronous command
datashield.command_resultGet result of an asynchronous command
datashield.command_rmRemove an asynchronous command
datashield.commandsList the asynchronous commands
datashield.commands_rmRemove all asynchronous commands
datashield.has_methodCheck existence of a Datashield method by its name
datashield.loginLogs in and assigns variables to R
datashield.logoutLogout from Opal(s)
datashield.methodGet Datashield method by its name
datashield.methodsList Datashield methods
datashield.method_statusStatus of datashield method(s) in Opal(s)
datashield.pkg_statusStatus of datashield package(s) in Opal(s)
datashield.rmRemove a R symbol
datashield.statusCheck Datashield configuration status
datashield.symbolsList R symbols
datashield.table_statusStatus of table(s) in Opal(s)
datashield.workspace_rmRemove a DataSHIELD workspace from a opal.
datashield.workspacesGet the DataSHIELD workspaces.
datashield.workspace_saveSave current session in a DataSHIELD workspace.
opal.as_md_tableArray to Markdown
opal.assignData or expression assignment
opal.assign.dataData assignment
opal.assign.scriptR script assignment
opal.assign.tableData assignment to a data.frame
opal.assign.table.tibbleData assignment to a tibble
opal.attribute_valuesGet a vector of values (for each locale) matching the given...
opal.commandGet an asynchronous command
opal.command_resultGet result of an asynchronous command
opal.command_rmRemove an asynchronous command
opal.commandsList the asynchronous commands
opal.commands_rmRemove all asynchronous commands
opal.datasourceGet a datasource from a opal.
opal.datasourcesGet datasources from a opal.
opal.executeExecute a R script
opal.fileGet file content
opal.file_cpCopy a file
opal.file_downloadDownload a file
opal.file_lsList content of a folder
opal.file_mkdirMake a folder
opal.file_mvMove and/or rename a file
opal.file_readRead a file
opal.file_rmRemove a file
opal.file_uploadUpload a file
opal.file_writeWrite a file
opal.loginOpal login
opal.logoutLogout from Opal(s)
opal.reportOpal report
opal.report_mdTurn a R markdown file to html.
opal.rmRemove a R symbol (deprecated)
opal.symbol_importImport a tibble as a table in Opal
opal.symbol_rmRemove a R symbol
opal.symbolsList R symbols
opal.symbol_saveSave a tibble identified by symbol as a file of format SAS,...
opal.tableGet a table of a datasource from a opal.
opal.tablesGet tables of a datasource from a opal.
opal.taskGet a task from a opal.
opal.task_cancelTries to cancel a task from a opal.
opal.tasksGet the tasks from a opal.
opal.task_waitWait for a task from a opal to complete.
opal.valuesetGet the values of an entity in a table.
opal.variableGet a variable of a table from a opal.
opal.variablesGet variables of a table from a opal.
opal.workspace_rmRemove a R workspace from a opal.
opal.workspacesGet the R workspaces from a opal.
opal.workspace_saveSave the current session in a opal R workspace.
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