Man pages for davidcoffey/Nexus
For clinical data mining of the Caisis and Diamonds databases

computeIntervalComputes statistics between first and last dates
computeTreatmentDurationComputes treatment duration per line of therapy
extractCytogeneticsExtract FISH and cytogenetics reports
extractDemographicsExtract demographics
extractDiagnosesExtract diagnoses
extractDiseaseStatusExtract disease status
extractEncountersExtract clinical encounters
extractLabsExtract labs
extractMedicalTherapyExtract medical therapy
extractPathologyExtract pathology reports
extractProtocolsExtract reserach protocols
extractRadiationTherapyExtract radiation therapy
extractRadiologyExtract radiology reports
extractSurvivalExtract surivival information
filterLabsFilter labs
parseKaryotypeParse FISH karyotype strings
parsePlasmacellsParse pathology reports for % plasma cells
parsePlasmacellsDataFrameParse pathology reports in a data frame for % plasma cells
plotLabsPlot labs
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