Man pages for davidthaler/PUMSutils
Computes Point Estimates and Standard Errors on the ACS PUMS Data

acs.barchartMake barchart from ACS PUMS data.
acs.boxplotMake boxplot from ACS PUMS data
acs.describeDescribe a field in the ACS PUMS data
acs.meanEstimates means from the ACS PUMS data.
acs.medianMedian of Field in ACS PUMS Data
acs.quantileQuantiles for ACS PUMS Data.
acs.quantile.statsCompute quantiles and standard errors of quantiles on ACS...
acs.recodeRewrite variable levels using data dictionary
acs.seCompute standard errors for ACS PUMS data by the direct...
acs.totalCompute a weighted total of a numerical field in ACS PUMS...
acs.translateRewrite values in ACS PUMS data
clip.columnClip an integer column
column.cutCut numeric column and assign labels to bins
data.dict162016 ACS Data Dictionary
estimateEstimate count using ACS PUMS data.
get.weightGet Expansion Weight From ACS PUMS Data.
group.countCompute weighted size of groups in ACS PUMS data.
group.estimateCompute estimates and standard errors on grouped ACS PUMS...
group.meanCompute weighted mean of numerical column on grouped ACS PUMS...
group.medianCompute weighted median of numerical column on grouped ACS...
group.proportionCompute proportion of group sizes on grouped ACS PUMS data.
group.totalCompute aggregate of numerical column on grouped ACS PUMS...
hh.typeClassify households by type
line.estimateCompute an estimate and standard error from ACS PUMS data.
load.pumsLoad ACS PUMS csv files in a ready-to-use form.
match.countCount persons in households matching a list of conditions.
own.rentDescribe households as renters or owners
prop.condEstimate proportion of a population in a subset for ACS PUMS...
proportionEstimates a Proportion from the ACS PUMS Data
rent.burdenDefine rent burden of households.
wa.gold16Ground Truth for 2016 ACS Washington Housing Data
wa.house162016 ACS Washington Housing Data
wa.pop162016 ACS Population Data for Seattle
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