Man pages for dereksonderegger/PepSeq
Tools for analyzing Peptide Sequencing results

background_rateCalculate the background rate in a sequence
changePointFind Variance Change Point
Est_GammaPoissonCalculate MLE Estimates for Gamma-Poisson distribution
fisher_chi_sqPerform Fisher's Chi-squared test on each peptide sequence
full_standardizeStandardize the cleaved and uncleaved as well as create the...
identify_peaksIdentify Peaks
identify_peaks2Multivariate standardization using Cleaved/Uncleaved...
identify_peaks_auxIdentify Peaks
Identify_Peptide_PeaksCalculates a set of Peaks
import_pulldownReads an input pulldown .csv file and organizes it for...
import_pulldown_metadataImport the pulldown metadata
merge_peaksGiven a data frame of peaks, merge peaks that are close...
Overlapping_PeaksCalculate Overlapping Peaks
plot_pulldownCreate a scatterplot representing a pull-down
plot_pulldown_ShinyCreate a Shiny application showing a scatterplot representing...
shrinkRemove some percentage or number of observations.
standardizeStandardize counts relative to uncleaved counts.
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