Man pages for dewittpe/sccm
Schwarz-Christoffel Conformal Mapping

CircleLimitICircle Limit I by Mc Esher
conformal_gridConformal Grid
convex_hullConvex Hull
d2pDisk to Polygon
HexagonalFishHexagonal Fish by Mc Esher
is_anticlockwiseTesting for anti-clockwise ordering of points of a convex...
is_convex_hullIs Convex Hull
is_inPoint in a Polygon
p2dPolygon to Disk
p2pPolygon to Polygon
polar2cartesianTranslate between Polar and Cartesian Coordinates.
sccm-packagesccm: Schwarz-Christoffel Conformal Maps
scmapSchwarz-Christoffel Mapping (Disk to Polygon)
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