Man pages for dhelkey/dgrank
Construct Draper-Gittoes Rankings of Institutions

bayesianRegressionMCMC Samples of Bayesian Linear Regression
designBasedCompute Design Based Draper-Gittoes Z-Scores
fitBabyMonitorFit Baby-MONITOR for CPQCC/VON
linCholSolverSolve System of Equations w/ Cholesky
modelMatrixCreate design matrix from data frame
nullSimulateNull Simulations for D-G Z-Scores
pointQuantileGenerate Point Estimates and Posterior Credible Intervals
posteriorCredibleCompute Credible Interval and Point Estimate
probitFitMCMC Samples for Probit Regression
probitFitkMCMC Samples for Probit Regression
scoreCompositeComposite Scores with Intervals
toDGConvert MCMC Coefficients to Z-Scores Following...
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